About us

We’re a vibrant mix of filmmakers, storytellers, and digital creators on a mission to redefine the intersection of media content, cinematic storytelling, and mental health advocacy.

About us

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Meet Iris, a loud and dynamic individual who studied architecture in Graz. Her education was based on art, and technology and mostly stressed meeting unrealistic deadlines in exchange for a career with unreasonably unfair payment. So she bravely navigated through various professional fields such as Architecture Illustrations, Interior Design, Real Estate, and Business, gaining valuable expertise along the way. But before that, in her 20s, Iris ventured into the digital space with an award-winning vegan food blog, kickstarting her interest in digital storytelling. She then took a videography course where her final project “Intervention” took off. Today, Iris focuses on her mental health and overall well-being, aiming to create a supportive space for storytelling and videography exploration for others. In 2023, Iris founded this collective, reflecting her passion for collaborative exploration in film, storytelling, and mental health.

Check out Iris’ Work: Filmfreeway & Behance.

Fabian’s extensive curriculum vitae resonates with a diverse array of skills and accomplishments that showcase the depth and breadth of his capabilities. With a multifaceted skill set, he has demonstrated proficiency in various domains, ranging from mechanical expertise and technical drawing to the realms of filmmaking, acting, and light technology. Moreover, Fabian has seamlessly navigated the digital landscape, showcasing his adeptness in 3D animations, programming, and, notably, social media marketing. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for exploring and mastering diverse fields. Through his endeavors, Fabian has not only proven his versatility but has also emerged as a driven and hard-working individual, consistently dedicating his time and efforts to excel in every pursuit he undertakes.

Check out his work as a Producer for Apart and as a Key Grip for Scars.

Jacky Jones comes from the other side of creative life, this dark shady area where one tends to meet horrid words like “deadline” and “financial statement”; thanks to an academic and practical background in business and management, Jacky provides this collective with the necessary backbone for any creative project to flourish. Non content with sticking to uninspiring terminologies and obscure numberings, Jacky is also now delving into the magical world of writing and storytelling, letting a lifelong passion for it become real through stories, scripts and screenplays that take him to a strange place called happiness. As a guideline for using his skills, Jacky follows his values and principles, longing for his work within this collective to help as many people as possible by shedding light on lesser known mental health issues, whether medical or sociological, in the hope of mending society’s growing divide.

Check out Jackys work: Moon Made & Bird of Paradise

As a professional photographer and videographer specializing in portraits and music, he has merged his passions in his work. His ability to capture the essence of a moment allows him to create authentic and expressive images that reflect the stories and emotions of his subjects. In videography, he focuses on narrative storytelling. With an eye for details and a passion for cinematography, he strives to tell visually appealing and emotional stories that captivate and move the audience. His work in advertising has afforded him the opportunity to develop creative and impactful campaigns, helping brands convey their messages in unique and unforgettable ways. Beyond his work in photography and videography, he is a tech enthusiast with a particular interest in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and drone videography. In his work, he always aims to connect his passions and find innovative ways to express his skills and interests. He looks forward to continuing the journey and seeing where it takes him.

Check out Patricks work: Weichmann.at

Join us in exploring our cinematic stories and creative outlets that plunge into the intricate world of the human mind. Our goals are not just to entertain, but to educate, encourage, and engage people in talks that promote understanding and deconstruct stigmas.