• Intervention


    “Intervention” is a gripping short film that delves into the unsettling world of schizophrenia, exploring the blurred lines between reality and psychosis. The story of the short movie revolves around Robert, a man battling with schizophrenia, and his close-knit group of friends: Sef, Vincent, and Iris.

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  • Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    A young ingenuous woman, coming back home to a country changed by a repressive government, becomes an unwilling player in a sinister game. An encounter with rebels and a death in her family spark a tale of secrets and betrayal, culminating in an exploration of sacrifice and moral choices.

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  • Moon Made

    Moon Made

    A woman in her early 30s suffering from schizophrenia is tempted into running away from her condition and the responsibilities that come with it, to feel unencumbered in building a new love relationship…

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